I own a small business, and I am having difficulty collecting payment from a customer. Do you handle these types of cases?

We can assist you in collecting money you are owed. Our services include writing demand letters, filing suit for the unpaid amounts and obtaining a judgment against the other party. Note: the amount owed must be enough to justify the legal costs and fees required to bring a collection action.

I own a business that build computers. We entered into a contract with a supplier to deliver some product to our facility. The supplier caused serious damage to our computer equipment and offices when it made the delivery. We have been forced to scale down our operations due to the damages. What can I do?

It sounds like you have a breach of contract and property damage case on your hands. You need to look to the contract to see if it covers this sort of thing, and then make sure the supplier is on the hook for the damages. You can open a claim with their insurance carrier, but the matter will likely require some legal action, as the insurance company will require you to prove your damages to property and any loss of business you may have sustained.