$700,000 - Rear Ender on Bay Bridge - Cervical Spine Injury (2008)

This case concerned severe injuries sustained by client in an automobile accident, which occurred on the Bay Bridge in afternoon commute traffic in May 2008. Client was a pharmaceutical salesperson heading for an appointment in San Francisco. She sustained what has turned out to be extremely severe and likely permanent injuries to her neck, shoulder, back and arms. The suit against the negligent driver settled for his policy limits of $100,000. A claim under the client’s Underinsured Motorist Policy settled for $600,00. Total Settlement: $700,000.

$900,000 - Traumatic Brain Injury - San Francisco (2010)

Plaintiff was a passenger in a vehicle “T-boned” at the intersection of 26th Street and South Van Ness, with the other party running the red light. The collision from defendant’s SUV directly impacted plaintiff’s passenger side door. Although orthopaedic injuries resolved, plaintiff’s ongoing traumatic brain injury symptoms made it problematic whether he would return to his long term job as an attorney. The case proceeded to trial and resolved just prior to jury selection. Settlement amount: $900,000.

$250,000 - Jogger Hit by Car (2012)

Our client was struck while she was out jogging with her son. Client was thrown on the hood of her vehicle, hit her head, and tumbled onto the asphalt. Injuries posttraumatic left shoulder dislocation, a pubic rami fracture, a tear of both rotator cuffs, and lacerations and abrasions. Policy Limit obtained.

$900,000 - Car/Pedestrian (2015)

Client walking in sidewalk struck by car making right-hand turn. Significant broken hip/pelvis injury, and arthritic changes. Settled days before trial.

$135,000 - San Francisco Wrongful Eviction (2017)

58-year-old ER nurse threatened with lockout and eviction by landlord. The landlord then stated she intended to move into the client’s unit, but failed to provide proper notice, and did not pay relocation fees. Investigation in the litigation proved landlord remained living outside of SF. Case sent for trial and resolved with settlement of $135,000 during trial.

$300,000 - Bicyclist-Car Injury (2017)

Client riding bicycle to work on a green light, and hit by driver making unsafe right turn following google instructions. Ongoing residual traumatic brain injury. Settled two days before trial.

$225,000 - Fire Loss Case (2018)

Clients, mother, and daughter rendered homeless in house fire caused by faulty and non-permitted electrical system, both forced to a shelter. Settled at mediation.

$220,000 - Habitability Case - (2018)

Entire family of four living in illegal basement unit without hot water or proper bathroom for several years. Settled at mediation for $220,000.