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“I was referred to Millar & Associates by one of the many Mission District social services for the Latino community. I was desperate because I was being sued by the management company that recently had purchased the building that I lived in. They didn’t want to recognize me as a tenant because I was subleasing the place—even though the prior management company had cashed my rent checks for about a year. Millar & Associates aggressively took charge and not only made them drop the summons but also to agree to let me stay in my apartment until I found something suitable six months of free rent and money to move out. I am very happy with the outcome and in fact have recommended Millar & Associates services to other friends. Thank you for your help.”

Rodolofo M., Former Client

“Millar & Associates were awesome! Not only did they get me the most amount of money possible for my terrible motorcycle accident (I broke my pelvis and fractured my sacrum), but the attorneys were “real people” who truly cared about me and my case. I hope I never have to use their services again (no more accidents!), but I would recommend their office to anyone who needs help if they get into a car or motorcycle accident.”

Meghan M., Former Client

I have worked with Millar & Associates for 7 years now and highly recommend their office for their services. I am a Chiropractor who uses their services for my PI cases and we always settle at a reasonable time and they have never been anything but extremely professional and a pleasure to work with.

Kristine Hicks, Chiropractor

“I recently had a very apprehensive first-time homebuyer as a client. He was concerned about San Francisco’s rent and eviction control laws, as he was purchasing a home occupied by tenants. However, after consulting with Millar & Associates, and hiring them to assist in communications with the tenants, the buyer was able to come to a quick, amicable resolution with the tenants where they willingly vacated and my client happily moved into his new home. I will certainly be referring future clients who have tenant concerns to Millar & Associates.”

Elta Anderson, Real Estate Agent – Pacific Union Real Estate

Millar & Associates was fast, efficient, and effective! They got my commercial landlord to return my security deposit within days of being on the job.

Ann Terranova, CEO – Union Financial Partners

My elderly client, who is of Mexican heritage, owns income property and has problems with his tenants. He often calls me in a panic when he feels a tenant has taken advantage of him or a tenant threatens to sue him. I calm him down by giving him Millar & Associates telephone number and assuring him that they will solve his problem—and they always do!

June David, Mortgage Loan Agent – First Security Loan