So, You Want to Buy a T.I.C.? What do You do if the Unit is Tenant-Occupied?

1. OWNER MOVE-IN EVICTION (OMI) Who Can Use an OMI? OWNERS – Certain percentage of recorded ownership interest required. CLOSE RELATIVES OF OWNERS – Only certain relations may use this eviction. Requirements for an OMI Person doing the OMI must … Read More

Five Things all San Francisco Landlords Should Know

1. YOU CAN ONLY RAISE YOUR RENT BY THE AMOUNT OF THE ALLOWABLE ANNUAL INCREASE The San Francisco Rent Ordinance places limitations on the amount that you can increase the rent, unless you have a tenant who has lived in … Read More

Five Things all TIC Buyers of Tenant-Occupied Buildings Should Know or do Before They Buy

1. ARE THE TENANTS PROTECTED? Protected tenants cannot be evicted by way of an Owner Move In (OMI) eviction. Protected tenants are those who are 60 years or older or are disabled and have lived in the unit for at … Read More