As you probably already know you can't take everything with you when you pass away, but with careful planning, you can provide your heirs and loved ones with a significant portion of your wealth. We can help you do this now, before you need to, for a very reasonable flat rate.

Everyone should have an estate plan because it: 

  • Identifies who you wish to receive your property after your death. 
  • Ensures that your property will be transferred to those you have identified, as quickly and with as few legal hurdles as possible. 
  • Minimizes the taxes paid and maximize the wealth passed to your loved ones. 
  • Avoid the time and expense of the probate process.
  • Determines what healthcare and financial decisions for you when you are unable and who will make those decisions.

This is a very important process, and due to the complexity of the issues involved, it is recommended that you have an attorney assist you with your estate plan. 

We can help you prepare the right estate plan for you and your loved ones.